Hi and welcome to Amanda's Tibetan mastiff site about Doris, Dodger, Lolha! and our newest addition, Legend . We live in Chislehurst, Kent in the UK.


The website is intended to show off pictures of our 4 Tibetan Mastiffs and give information about the breed, particularly to potential TM owners who want to know more about what's involved and what they are like. I have been to enough 'Discover dogs' to have an idea of the questions prospective owners have about the breed.


It has been reported that Tibetan Mastiffs are one of the oldest of the large breeds and came from the Himalayan Plateau to guard the nomadic campsites rather than the monasteries as is sometimes reported. They are not considered a rare breed anymore.  Litters are whelped in the UK annually, between December to February. The bitches have one oestrus a year, around October/November. Very rarely do they have a second oestrus although it has happened in the UK. They have a life expectancy of 9-12 years.


What are they like? Aloof, slow to mature, especially the males who develop their 'presence' around the age of 4 or 5. They are utterly beautiful, but tend to do everything in their own sweet time. They are not like your average manic Springer spaniel or Retriever though they are 'full of beans' as pups. They are not wilful... Think of them as a  breed that can think for themselves. They don't just assess risks but manage them too!!  They bark, like most dogs really, but often it may be unclear what they are barking at though their hearing is much more acute than ours. The girls tend to be worse barkers than the boys.


Please do read my page 'Thinking of buying a TM.'  It  shows you what they are capable of, before you commit. I recently wrote this page as I am growing increasingly more horrified at the number of inexperienced TM owners who part with their 12 month old teenage TM's because they cannot cope and give up far too easily.  If you are mentally prepared, have a plan in place for teen TM behaviour and are still committed to offer a 'forever home,'  you will cope.


TM's have beautiful temperaments and ARE addictive. You will rarely stop at one! They should not be regarded as guard dogs but as loyal and loving guardians and are impressive to watch with children who are educated to respect this breed.


For the breed standard, a copy can be found at the Tibetan Mastiff Club of Great Britain website   (click link below)


I am contactable on Facebook or Twiiter. I run two groups on Facebook (Dokhyi (tibetan mastiff) photography contest and Tibetan Mastiff memes. Both are good fun with a lovely friendly vibe. I am also contactable on Amanda.collins64@ntlworld.com


Amanda Collins Eade




Welcome to Doris, Dodger, Lolha and Legend's Tibetan Mastiff website!!

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