Introducing Artful Dodger

8 years ago, a grey puppy was born on 9th January 2007. He was one of 9 puppies born in North Wales.


Jimmy Parry of Fallenoak Tibetan Mastiff kennels kindly sent us photographs of Dodger growing up with his siblings and parents and we had many telephone calls about their progress. After vettting our eligibility, Jimmy invited us over to see the pups when they were 4 weeks old and we instantly fell in love with the grey bundle of fluff that was Dodge!


Jimmy and Gaynor  with their daughter Naomi, husband Ben, son Thor  live in Pantymwyn, Mold, North Wales on a mountain that we fondly call 'Parry mountain!!' They are a lovely, friendly family. Their dogs are socialised from a very early age with other animals, children and adults and it is always a pleasure to go and visit. All their dogs have a reputation for kisses and cuddles!!


Dodger's father, Sobarna Charlock ( affectionately known as Charlie at home) has done extremely well in open and championship shows and has won Tibetan Mastiff classes at Crufts and is set to retire from the show world this year. Mackenzie, Dodger's gold brother looks set to follow in his dad's footsteps and has already sired a beautiful litter of puppies.


Please click on the link below to go to their website.