Introducing Doris

Lynn and Chris Turner (Chymera Tibetan Mastiffs) live in Parsons Drove, East Anglia.  We met them 9 years ago after Lynn answered an email from me after researching the breed. We drove down to see a 5 month old puppy called Doris. She was clearly at home with the other TM's in her pack though was anxious around people. However, she was clearly used to children and we were particularly touched to see her with Savannah who was very young at the time. Doris has always been wonderful with small children and she had clearly been socialised very early on with them.


We saw Doris' dam, Barbie who had come over from the Shang-hai (Novarra) kennel in the US and her sire is the sadly departed Sierras Yoganander (Yogi) who did very well in the UK show ring.


Doris was our first TM and despite a great deal of socialisation, she is comfortable with us but it takes her a long time to get to know other people in our lives. However, once she accepts you into her 'pack' she never forgets and she becomes the playful mischievous, kind TM we fell in love with.