Tibetan mastiff puppy management!


Make sure there are lots of toys that make noise and are chewable. TM’s get bored very easily! If you find your pup chewing something they shouldnt be, stay calm, and replace it with one of their teething toys. It is no good yelling at them as they won't understand what they have done.


Get your TM puppy used to a crate very early on. Not only does it help with toilet training, it also helps that they do not chew you out of house and home!!


Do socialise your puppy as early as possible in as many places as possible where there are dogs and people and children. Expose them to pubs, trains, busy areas, markets, anything where they will meet people and other dogs.


As happens for young teenagers,  raging hormones do rule the day and you may notice definite differences in your Tibetan Mastiff puppy.  When it comes to temperament, this is a time when both males and females typically become more challenging, more headstrong and independent, more territorial, bark more often and for longer periods of time.


Hormonal changes will also signal a STRESS or fear period in his life. Noises, car  rides and being out and about may intimidate your Tibetan Mastiff. Most dogs may have a  change of attitude when it comes to strangers in "their" homes, gardens or  cars.



Over exercise your puppy!! 10 minutes up to twice a day is sufficient as your pup comes up to 5 months. Bear in mind that If you have other dogs in the home, they will play, and pups play very intensely. Taking your puppy out on a long walk when he or she is still growing runs the

risk of  arthritis at an early age and possible dislocations before they are 12 months old.


Don’t leave them alone with any expensive wooden furniture. TM’s adore wood and will happily gnaw away for hours! They cannot differentiate between Ikea and antique!!


Don’t assume that your young puppy will not be interested in females, of any breed. Males are, or soon will be, producing sperm. Please don't be fooled by the innocent look on your puppy's face or his antics.  Male puppies can and will easily sire a litter if given the opportunity.


Before the cold autumn days arrive, make sure to check garden fences,  gate latches and strengthen any weaknesses that may exist on your property that will enable your male to escape. A friend’s TM

climbed a 6 foot fence on a regular basis. Your TM does not care that the cute Golden Retriever girl down the street isn't a Tibetan Mastiff.


Be careful to protect any intact females that may live with you. Watch for signs of your young girl coming into season. You may see the odd blood spot on the floor, or see her licking herself or crying. She may have to wear large knickers for a while!!! :-D


Make plans now to board your male or find a safe and secure containment solution.